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Ras Beats Bio: 

RAS BEATS is a NYC-based hip hop artist and producer. His sound is deeply rooted in classic NYC hip hop, and at the same time new and distinctly his own. His 2016 debut album "CONTROL YOUR OWN" received massive critical acclaim and worldwide airplay.

Ras Beats Discography:

2018 Ras Beats Feat. Ralphiie Reese - What I'm Connected To

2018 Ralphiie Reese - Flowe On

2017 Ras Beats - Control Your Own (Instrumental Version)

2016 Ras Beats - Control Your Own (Deluxe Edition)

2016 Ras Beats Feat. JBiz & A.G. - God Bless (Remix)

2016 Ras Beats - Control your Own

2016 Ras Beats Feat. Roc Marciano, O.C, Elzhi - Wit No Pressure/Wit No Pressure Remix/Knowledge Of Self

2016 Ras Beats Feat. Fev - Front Line

2013 Neek The Exotic - Till The Casket Drops

2012 Neek The Exotic - Comin' In Piles - Till The Casket Drops/ Instrumental

2011 Ras Beats Feat. Masta Ace & Sadat X - Let It Be / Survive

2010 Ras Beats - Ras Works Mixtape

2009 Marvalous - That's True

2008 Flux Da Wundabat - Intro, Yo!

2006 J-Biz- Real Audio - Intro, The Science

2006 Ras Beats - Balance EP

2005 J-Biz - A Day In Da Life

2003 J-Biz - Ninetyfive/ The Treasure Pt.2

(C) 2018 Ras Beats/ Worldwyde Recordings